Residential Window Cleaning

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Residential Window Cleaning

At Shine Bright Window Cleaning we undertake all aspects of residential window cleaning no matter what size of the property. Our residential window cleaning in London has a wealth of experience in both traditional window cleaning and the use of modern techniques such as the revolutionary reach and wash system. Contact Us Now for Your Free Quote!

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No Streak Window Cleaning

The use of the reach and wash system guarantees no streaks will be left on your windows after they are clean. This is because of the pure water filtration system we use to deionise our water. We scrub the window using our water fed pole and brush and rinse the window to leave a spot free finish.

Saves time 

Using one of our skilled well trained window cleaners saves you the time of trying to clean them yourself. Trying to use ladders on your windows will create a massive health and safety risk to yourself. It would be best to leave it to the professionals such as ourselves as we are fully insured. On top of this we clean the sills and ledges as standard. 

Reach & Wash System

The reach and wash system is a method of cleaning which purifies ordinary tap water. This process is commonly known as reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the process in which it removes all the unwanted minerals from water to leave only pure water. It then sends filtered water through a DI resin vessel, this step is taken to polish off the pure water. We then test the deionized water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. TDS should be less than 10. Once we are sure of the purity of the water we then pump the completed water to the window to be cleaned.

Reach & Wash Benefits

Longer Results: The reach and wash method leaves windows cleaner for longer because the water is filtered and hard water chemicals are removed. This ensures that once windows are cleaned using this method windows are left with no streaks or smears.

Increased Safety: Using the reach and wash system means we can reach windows up to 4 stories high from the safety of the ground. Trying to achieve this would prove a massive healthy and safety risk to our agents and the condition of your property. 

Traditional Window Cleaning: The use of the reach and wash system is far more effective than traditional methods. But in some cases traditional window cleaning can prove to be effective on more intricate and delicate windows. Book Your Window Cleaning Appointment today!

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Pressure Washing

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